Meet Me!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Tiffany aka Miokizena. I am a freelance artist with a love for music. I started drawing some where in middle school when a good friend of mine would always draw characters from the fanfic we had created. Seeing her draw, I was determined to draw on my own. For the past 12 plus years I have been on again off again perfecting my craft. In doing so, I've created numerous characters with stories attached to them.

I have been drawing digitally for 6 years on my Wacom Bamboo Tablet in Paint Tool Sai V.1. 


I am just a girl who really likes to draw. My favorite thing to do is pick a song and draw my characters to match the message or feel of the song. Music inspires me mostly because I have a very active imagination. I also LOVE K-pop!

meet the artist.jpg