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Miokizena’s Art & Graphic Designs is determined to provide affordable art and graphic designs for entrepreneurs and people who generally love art, especially custom art and designs. People want to tell a story with images. They want to have things they can call their own and I work one on one with clients to make their vision real. There is nothing more frustrating that having something generic that doesn’t speak to you. With my services, I take all that you imagine and help turn it into a reality.

Need a design for custom stickers or prints? Done!

Need a logo for your business? I got you!

Need a portrait for your blog? Look no further.

Don’t just take my word for it, let my past customers tell you about their experiences.


  • “Phenomenal work, very efficient, and awesomely creative, I am a proud customer of Miokizena Art & Graphic Design.” - Keith Cooper II, Crown Service

  • “Tiffany does "excellent" work. Her deadlines are met promptly. I'm extremely pleased with her artistic ability and professional manner. I see blessings and expansion in her horizon!” - Patricia Daboh, Author 

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  • “Tiffany does excellent work!! She is professional and goes beyond to make sure her clients are satisfied!!  I actually wanted the picture for my t-shirt but I will be hanging this up on a canvas in my house, thank you for your excellent work!” - Christian Anderson, Singer Songwriter

  • “I received a beautiful multi-color version of Dion to hang in my living room for only $20. The photo is very big, just the way I wanted. I love it so much!” - Mecca Arnette, Author


I guarantee to get you just what you need when you need it and how you need it!